Building financial foundations

Financial Psychology

Students will develop an understanding of how their financial psychology relates to achieving their financial and lifestyle goals.  Students will explore these concepts by looking in-depth at how their personalities, goals, dreams, and emotions can  affect their attitudes toward money.


These lessons are designed to help students develop understanding about positive budgeting, savings, and spending habits.  Through practical scenarios, participants will learn to create monthly budgets and savings plans.

Loans & Debt

Students will develop a basic understanding of loans and the loan qualification process.  Students will gain awareness of types of debt, investment in one's education and he dangers of defaulting on loans.


In this workshop participants will gain an understanding of what investing is.  Within these lessons they will learn about a variety of investment strategies and techniques to increase long-term financial security.

Risk Management & Insurance

Students will develop an understanding of insurance and ways to manage risk.  Participants will learn about the various types of insurance, policies and claims process.  Also, students will receive an overview of the estate planning process and learn preventive measures to prepare for disaster.

Retirement Evaluating

Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of long-term planning.  Students will learn the importance of cash flow, personal financial plans, wills and trusts.  Students will also learn to clearly define their retirement goals and clarify their risk tolerance.