Woman-2-Woman, Inc

Our Non-Profit Initiative

Welcome to Woman-2-Woman, Inc.  This is our non-profit side of Wealth-ON-Purpose, LLC that is focused on providing a solid foundation for women to grow.  Our theme is for us to become and remain "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise".  When we are strong professional business women in the marketplace we are able to reach across and help another woman take a step to her next level of success.

Workshops– We will be partnering with a circle of dynamic women to help provide the solutions we need: become financially healthy, operate in the workplace and community as wise women, and how to remain mentally and physically wealthy!

Ladies – There's something I noticed about many women I've met that would be considered middle class (based on income level and lifestyle), we have a dynamic reach to other women across social statuses.  I believe that by strengthening this group of women, giving us the tools and access to be solid in every area of our lives...we can help bridge the gap from lower-middle-upper classes and become more supportive for each other.

Legacy – I once thought that leaving a legacy was regarding money only.  I've learned that it's important to provide for the next generation but, it they don't have the wisdom to manage or appreciate the gift provided we didn't leave a legacy, we left a mess.  The #MeTOO movement has stirred up a lot of discussion, the news of lives taken is heart breaking.  Let's do something about it together and make it better for the next generation.

Support and Sponsorship – We want to be able to serve, mentor and coach women from every walk of life so we need your support and financial contributions.  Corporate and Business sponsors for specific programs will receive a package offer that will include further details .  Table sponsors and Lunch sponsors are available for most events.  Please contact us at the Wealth-ON-Purpose, LLC office, 913.725.0110

Upcoming Workshops

Join us on Saturday June 30, 2018



Financial Health for Women

This event will be free but you must register through Eventbrite.