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Financial Workplace Wellness Program


What’s the missing piece of your wellness program for your employees? It’s a diverse, Financial Workplace Wellness Program. It’s important to your bottom line and your workforce.

Here are some of the facts: Employers who offer financial wellness are more satisfied with their total benefits program (61 percent) than those who do not (44 percent). (Full Story)

Improving financial health boosts productivity. Nearly half of employees who are worried about their finances are averaging about 3 hours of work time to deal with it. In a company with 10,000 employees…average productivity cost per year, $3.3million LOSS! (Full Story)

Now there’s a solution whether you have 500 or 5000+ employees. Our firm has a team of planners, coaches and legal council available to work with your employees and management team to help each of them reach their financial goals. EDUCATION at every level is the key. 

We provide a blend of on-site, off-site and online programs. Workshops, group training, seminars and group coaching that your team will have access for a full 12-months. They are able to attend as many programs as they desire for a full 12-months, selecting to meet their current needs.

(You don’t have to wait for the traditional Open Enrollment!) 

Employers – We’ve kept it simple. You’re able to provide for your workforce at a flat fee per headcount with an annual commitment and monthly payments. (minimum 25% due at contract signing).