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Business Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching for a business owner, executive or entrepreneur, focuses on helping the individual reach their personal, financial and career goals. " Coaching is training or development that helps someone achieve a goal and companies are realizing the importance of coaching. The benefits of coaching can improve the workforce of a company, improve employee morale, and help achieve organizational goals. " (


With over 25 years in the marketplace, coaching others in the skill of networking and building strategic business connections in order to reach their goals (and sustain therm) is powerful and mandatory.  Building mutual, beneficial, relationships take time. But, if you hunt together with others, it's not as tedious a process to reach your goal.


Setting your goals and writing out your vision (or vision board ) is great and I encourage it.  But, without consistent execution and a detailed strategy it's often just a dream.  Working with a coach, weekly and monthly, to reach your quarterly goals, shifts your business plan and marketing strategy to intentional accomplishments.  

Financial Coaching

Coaching for individuals, couples and groups, in the area of finances, is designed for one thing.  Help each person become financially healthy so they can live the lifestyle they want!  Not only in retirement, but right now.  We work with women of all ages, helping them and their families become financially secure.  Couples financial coaching helps be sure both parties are on the same page in handling money both now and for retirement.  Coaching young adults concentrates in securing a financial foundation to avoid future pitfall and create a healthy relationship with money.

The B word...BUDGET

Having a budget designed for both your business and personal needs is essential.  For business owners, it's essential to 'count the cost' of running your business and household, to protect the building of future assets.  Budgeting is much more that paying off debt.  It will determine how long it will take you and your business to reach your vision and lifestyle of choice.

Financial FAQs

Enjoy a few financial facts listed below.

Financial Coaching for Health & Stability

Americans Saving


2017 GobankingRates survey: 69% of Americans reported having less than $1,000 in savings and 39% have NO savings at all.

By Age 50


According to CNBC Make IT: Create Financial Stability. By age 50-You should have five times your salary saved.

No 401(k)


An article on, "How many Americans don't have access to a 401(k)" shared that many Americans are unable to contribute to one.  Why? Because not all companies, especially small businesses with less that 100 employees, offer a 401(k) to their employees.  They must seek out alternatives.

Average Income


The 2015 Census shows the median household income was $56,516 and in the US there are 202 with an income over $50 Million.(

U.S. Debt

image8 February 13, 2018 article: The US is now over $20 trillion in debt!

Rich Women

image9 "The 10 Richest Women in America"  In their Money section article, January 11, 2018 it stated that "the 10 richest women are all descendants or widows of the founders of some of the biggest companies in the country-from Walmart to Apple to Mars candy"