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Wealth-ON-Purpose is very strategic in who we connect and provide solutions through or parnter with.  Our team works with business owners and their CPA, to identify Specialized Tax Incentives and Expense Reductions that impacts their ability to grow their business, develop employees or prepare for other investments.

We are Senior Advisors with GMG Savings and Stryde Solutions to provide a performance based solution to business owners nationwide.  We serve the following industries: Commercial Property Owners,CREI,  Manufacturers, Automotive, Hotels, Medical, Restaurants and many others that make up our portfolio.

Expense Reduction Audits– Do you have the time to spend making sure you're not overcharged?  Without trying to change who your provider is, we provide expense audits in the following areas.  Workers Comp Insurance, Freight, Credit Card Merchant, Waste & Recycling, Parcel Shipping Expense

Specialized Tax Incentives –Our national team of industry experts will work with you to discover where your cash flow can increase by the following areas.  Cost Segregation Study, R&D Tax Credit, Property Tax Mitigation, Energy EPAct Polidy, WOTC Hiring Incentives, IC-DISC/Export Tax Credits.

GMG/Stryde provides our clients with a single solutions to capture the broadest range of tax credits and incentives across federal state and local.  Our national team has yielded over $500M for clients to date.

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We offer a free initial consultation with our proprietary app that allows us to provide you with an estimated savings amount in about 30 minutes.  Contact us to schedule a conference call or webinar.

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